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Deciding to sell your business is often one of the most difficult tasks an owner can face. Many different influences bring business owners to this decision, including:

*Early or Normal Retirement
*Unexpected Illness or Death
*Divorce or Business Dissolution
*Partner Disputes, Family Problems,
*or just the need for a new challenge

Whatever your reason, The Business Exchange Network can help you sell your business. We recognize that you have worked extremely hard to build your business, and that entitles you to receive the maximum value possible. We are committed to helping you achieve that value in a minimal amout of time.

(Why not sell your own business?)

For many reasons!
*An owner representing himself cannot maintain anonymity and confidentiality would be extremely difficult. We can!
*An owner may not have the ability to access and contact enough buyers to obtain an adequate representation of the marketplace. We can!
*An owner may not have the time to entertain potential buyers. Your time may be better spent in managing the business. We have the time! It's our only business!
*An owner may not have the experience or knowledge to sell the company efficiently and at the best possible price. We do! We have all the tools that are necessary!