About Us

The Business Exchange Network was founded in 1987 in Austin, Texas by the present Principal Owner, Jorge Couto, for the primary purpose of representing the principals of privately-owned service businesses, distribution and manufacturing companies and assisting potential purchasers to acquire them. Our clients include private equity groups, owners of privately held companies, and the investor who has decided to leave the corporate workplace and start another career.

We have established methods and procedures that enable us to obtain the highest market value for your business and are able to back you up during negotiations. Assisting the owners with experienced accountants, attorney and consultants that can facilitate the due diligence period is also part of the process which we bring to the table.

Commercial Real Estate

Buy Sell Austin Realty is a sister company of the Business Exchange Network and gives us the capability to effectively market transactions that combine

Commercial Real Estate along with a business. We actively co-broker Business/Property transactions through our commercial real-estate broker networks and websites which include the Austin Board of Realtors, the Williamson County Board of Realtors and one of the top commercial real-estate websites, Ciblist.

profileBusiness Exchange Network Partner – Sean McMahon

Sean has the unique experience of having previously “walked in your shoes” using the services of a business broker in both franchise and non-franchised businesses. He personally knows the value a reputable broker can bring to the table and is all too familiar with the hardship of poor representation. Honesty is the core principle providing individualized sincere service in meeting your business goals. No two transactions are the same. Several complex details surround the purchase and sale of any business.

Whether it is an SBA loan originated purchase or all cash, your transaction is completely confidential.

Consulting services are another option for business owners. Sean will work one on one with you, regardless of your intent to sell. Goals to work with you on might include, laying out a long term exit strategy, training the next generation to run the family business or working solely on increasing profit.

Sean has also consulted with small businesses and prepared customized blueprints to aid in the facilitation of integrating change and process improvement resulting in increased valuation of business and improved customer satisfaction.

Sean has a wide bank of experience in Management & Training with both Fortune 500 & small town businesses where customers are known by name. He has bought, grown and sold franchised and non-franchised business. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Baylor University in Business Management, and lives in Waco, TX serving the state of Texas.

Sean was knowledgeable, thorough in his analysis and candid in his assessment. He was a valuable asset to have in our corner.
-Jonathan Yedor

I could not be more pleased and thankful with the information that was provided to me as Sean helped lay the foundation for my transition as well as the steps needed to ensure I was successful after making the switch. I am now able to monitor the growth and success of my own business which I would not have been able to do without Sean’s advice and guidance! Thanks for everything Sean!
-Matt Sanchez