Our Services

As your agent, we will:

Establish Maximum Value
Years of experience have enabled us to properly complete an extensive valuation procedure offering the maximum value possible. We will use a number of different methods depending on the circumstances surrounding your business. You will then be provided with our recommended price and terms of the sale. At your option, this information can be shared with your legal and financial advisors.

Design a Presentation Package
Your business will be presented in a professionally designed tailor-made package. Your presentation will then be made available to selected, pre-qualified buyers.

Market and Advertise Your Business
Your business will be marketed and promoted by a number of proven methods, including our computerized networking system.

Qualify Potential Buyers
An important part of our job is to make sure that all potential buyers are qualified to purchase your business. By screeening and prequalifying the buyer, we also minimize unnecessary exposure of your business operations.

Maintain Confidentiality
Your confidentiality will be respected at all times. We understand just how delicate an issue selling your business can be. From the moment the listing agreement is signed, right up to the day of final closing, one of our primary concerns remains minimizing any exposure to your suppliers, creditors, employees or customers about the sale. Before a potential buyer is permitted to view any financial information, they are required to sign an extensive, restrictive, legally binding Non-Disclosure Agreement designed to keep information strictly confidential.

*Negotiate and Coordinate the Sale
You can be assured that we will diligently work with all attorneys, accountants and, if required, regulatory authorities in making certain there is a successful and trouble-free conclusion to the transfer of your business.